High Gain Aerials

High gain aerials are common throughout Britain. High gain aerials come in to their own when you are in a reception area which is a little bit weak.

high gain aerial This is often because the TV aerial signals and reception area for either digital or analogue is coming in from a weaker transmitter, i.e. less high powered, or further away, otherwise known as  a fringe area.

The aerial above is a multi beam, high gain aerial. The use of this and other similar aerials is for signal gain, i.e. more TV aerial signal is able to be picked up, and, for better anti ghosting properties.

Anti Ghosting Properties

Some aerial signal areas are beset by bad ghosting. This means that on analogue pictures, there is a severe ghost to the right hand of the screen. This happens because the aerial signal is picked up by the aerial 1st, and then, signals come in late from a different direction. This is called an out of phase signal.

The idea of a high gain aerial is that  is helps to bring the out of phase signals, back into phase.


A high gain aerial will improve issues, but will not always makes things perfect, where the reception areas are that poor. There are many other things to be borne in mind as well, like height of masts, location, which transmitter to use, what is the best application for digital signals as well, etc etc... which is why it is so important to have local knowledge as well as technical knowledge.

CAI Benchmarked High Gain Aerials

The CAI are the governing body for the aerial industry and have a long history within it. A CAI benchmarked aerial has gone through rigorous testing and delivers the signals that is says it does. Proven. That and the build quality and reliability of these aerials make this criteria a must!

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