Grid TV Aerial

The Grid TV aerial is a strange shape as you can see on the left.

Grid TV Aerial It is a stacked or grid panel aerial, where several dipoles are stacked in front of the grid or reflector. The interconnections of the Grid Aerial are cross connected to 'phase match' the outputs. It has a beam width of approx 60 %, which is a lot! It has an excellent front-to-back ratio.

What does this mean to you?

It means that in a few circumstances it can be a good aerial to use. For example where reception is between two transmitters and you need to 'reject' the other transmitter.

They are not as directional as a Yagi TV Aerial or X type array and the Grid aerial does not have as much signal gain either. They are also usually wideband . A grid aerial does not have as much signal gain as a high gain aerial.

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