TV Aerial and Satellite repairs

If you have been the victim of storms or high wind damage on your home, you will know that it is no laughing matter.

Storms and high winds can uproot trees, turn over lorries so they can definitely blow over  aerials and satellite dishes!

Aerial Concepts understand the pain of knowing who you should turn to when the unthinkable does happen, with a proven track record in helping our customers to be able to relax and get things back to normal.

Aerial Storm Damage Some say climate change is starting to have an impact on the recent high winds,some think that is poppy cock!

What ever your view, Aerial Concepts can supply you with an emergency service to move the aerial or satellite dish out of danger and replace on the spot for you in nearly all cases, effectively , efficiently and painlessly!

Aerial Concepts have over 25 years experience and as such have seen 2 major storms, (1987 and 1990) and lots of minor ones too.

Aerial Concepts:

  • Have extensive experience working with storm damage already
  • Work with insurance companies to correct high wind damage
  • Are backed by the CAI for all wind damage situations
  • Have an emergency service specialising in storm damage

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Trade Accreditations

You can rest in the knowledge that Aerial Concepts are CAI members at the height level, are Check-a -Trade members and get a huge amount of recommendation work from people like you. We have a proven track record