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Aerial Installations come in many different shapes and sizes. Knowing what type of aerial installation is best for you, is what matters most to you.

How do I find a reputable Aerial Installation company?

For starters, if you do not know the aerial  company first hand, and for any aerials already installed be the company, or you have not been recommended an aerial installation company, then the CAI membership are a great first point of reference.

To be members of this body, aerial installers need to be vetted that there work is of a certain standard. Both technical and health and safety also.

Good Aerial Installation companies use CAI benchmarked aerial equipment

Aerials installed by CAI members only use benchmarked aerial equipment, that has been thoroughly tested in laboratories, so you know that the specification of your aerial installation is exactly what has been written!

Aerial Installations also differ depending on the aerial reception area you live in. A poor aerial reception area may have very tall aerial masts installed with high gain aerials installed on the top.This is done to try and achieve the best possible aerial reception.

Good aerial installation reception areas do not need elaborate aerials at all. Smaller aerial masts, smaller aerials etc make for high quality analogue and digital TV pictures.

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Use only Aerial Installers that explain things to you clearly

If they don’t, tell the installer to take a running jump! It is your money and your home, not theirs. There are so many different parameters to think about with any new tv aerial installation. This can be explained clearly and easily without the need for technical jargon. Indeed we have heard lots of interesting aerial jargon used at interview stage for aerial engineers, that is total rubbish!

If Stephen Hawking can explain the theory of the universe in a half hour session that most of us can part way understand, then explaining why you need a particular type of aerial install cannot be that hard surely?

One of the most important criteria is that the aerial installers do not just try and blind you with science. Your aerial expert should give you options in lay person's terms and then let you make an informed decision on which aerial is best for your aerial needs. Anything other than this is actually a bit disrespectful to you.

You do not always need a new aerial installed

Sometimes you only need to have an aerial repaired, or part repaired. Ask for this. Do i have to have a new aerial for digital installed or can i get away with most of what i have. Do I need to replace maybe on the cable?

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