FM Radio Aerial Installations

FM aerials are still popular for lots of people. Lots of people still have FM radio tuners and still want high quality FM stereo radio reception.

When FM reception is good, the quality of listening really is good.

The fact that DAB is becoming much bigger, has not detracted from the fact that FM radio reception still has a lot of fans and a lot of people are still buying fm aerials.

What type of aerial is best?

Fm radio reception really does need a decent FM aerial to work at it's optimum level. If it is not quite working properly, the reception hisses or crackles and can be very irritating.

FM aerials come in many different shapes and sizes. The aerial above is an omni fm. These can be used where the reception area is quite good.

FM Aerial Here is a 3 bar FM aerial. This can be used for reception areas which are slightly worse than needed for an omni FM aerial.

From there FM aerials get bigger (and allow more signal gain to come through), which are mainly used for slightly worse FM reception areas.

There is nearly always a solution for poor FM reception, to help you achieve great quality FM radio reception.

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