Spectrum Analysers and what they do

pro_7 Spectrum analysers are not just signal measurers!

Spectrum analysers are the best quality equipment you can get in the aerial and satelltie industry.


  • Measure TV, satellite, radio signals
  • Allow you to look at the whole spectrum of signals
  • Allow you to look right up close at potential interference.
  • Allow you to cut out noise as best as possible from satellite
  • Allow you to connect up to specialist amplifiers themselves at the aerial, to tell if they are faulty, ot the bottom section
  • Allow you to see what section of electronics may be faulty on satellite
  • Allow you to visually see on screen what is happening

Spectrum analysers do all of this and more. Just owning a spectrum analyser, is not enough, You need to know how to use it properly, to get the most out of it.

Used properly, the spectrum analyser saves time, money and makes for a much better informed installation, working to it's optimum potential.

No proper aerial company should be without one

All Aerial Concepts engineers carry spectrum analysers, to make your job as good as is humanly possible.

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