Working Safely at Heights

Most satellite companies cannot and will not work above the gutter level!

Sky themselves are probably the biggest company that have this policy for their normal engineers. If the works need special teams they are rebooked and there is often a long wait (and obviously extra costs) for the special heights teams to come out.

There are various reasons for this.

The main reasons being,

  • You need extensive training at being safe at height
  • It takes longer to do work at heights
  • Health and Safely law
  • It takes much more time to install

There are various courses which need to be taken to be certificated to work safely at heights, main aerial and satellite courses being the CAI.

It cannot be expressed enough!

Nobody wants anyone to get hurt working for them, either yourselves as the client, or Aerial Concepts as a company.

Aerial Concepts insist that all satellite engineers, be that for sky satellite installations, or for European or Arabic satellite dishes, are competent to work at heights, have the certification to prove that they are competent and all of their safety gear is kept up to date and safety checked.

In rare circumstances, there are situations, where even the best trained engineers with the best quality safety equipment, cannot get to the place of working safely!

In these circumstances, normally a cherry picker is used, making the installation more expensive obviously.. However most people will understand when the implications of not working safely at height are explained!

Most Aerial Concepts teams are 2 man teams, the special heights teams definitely are.

Aerial Concepts can work in nearly all special height situations for aerials and satellite systems and do indeed specialise in that too.

So please do phone us with any queries you may have at all, we will be happy to help!

Aerial Concepts engineers can be contacted on

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Trade Accreditations

You can rest in the knowledge that Aerial Concepts are CAI members at the height level, are Check-a -Trade members and get a huge amount of recommendation work from people like you. We have a proven track record