Earth Bonding for Aerial and Satellite Systems

Whilst Earth bonding is not the most exciting topic in the aerial and satellite industry, it is an extremely important one.

It is now law, that all communal systems must be earth bonded . The best Code of Practice for systems at the moment are perhaps by the CAI, the confederation of aerial industries, which Aerial Concepts are members of and adhere to.

earth bonding cables The Basics to earth bonding

All cables into and out of the headend must be connected to the building's earth via a minimum 4mm copper wire.

If there are any active components (including multi switches) between the headend and the subscriber outlet, then all in and out connections must also be earthed.

In addition the aerial and dish should be connected to the same earth as the headend. The maximum loop resistance, the resistance between any outlet and the main earth of the building. Therefore it should be measured at the furthest point of the system.

On properties with a LPS, lightning protection system, it is also required that an LPS engineer is responsible for the connection to the LPS, via a 16mm copper cable

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