Please note that Sky HD procedure for this is different than for Sky Plus.

How to get the Sky HD remote working in another room.

For this ‘how to’ section, we tell you how to get the Sky HD remote to work if you have wired the extra Sky cable in from the SkyHD box.

This is actually very easy when you know how.

Here is the set up process for a Sky HD box.

On the Sky HD remote, not far from the top, you will see a button called ‘Services’

press > services

then press > 0 0 1 select. This gets you into another normally unseen menu.

about 3 along, there is a tab called RF outlets.

Go down where it says RF outlets off (or it may as on)

switch it to on.

Press the > green button to save.

You have now activated the potential to be able to watch Sky in another room AND to be able to switch the channels over as well. Better than buying a new Sky box and subscription.

press> back up, until you get back to normal Sky HD


We hope this is of use to you.


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