Freeview TV Aerials

So what is Freeview,or Freeview plus even?

Quite simply, Freeview and Freeview+ channels are  a great line up of channels that have been around for a while now and they are free! The aerials needed for Freeview are basically a tv aerial, compatible with digital.

There are currently 48 TV channels and 24 radio channels, all available without subscription, including ITV2,3,4, BBC 3, 4 and many many more all listed here.

Freeview Channels

What Aerial Is Needed For Freeview?

To receive Freeview channels is easy. You only need to plug in your Free view compatible aerial to your Freeview set top box, and that is it!

Technically there is no such thing as a Freeview digital aerial, or free view aerials. Freeview compatible aerials are the same as digital compatible aerials. They must have a good clean signal to receive the freeview aerial signals. TV aerials for Freeview should have a balun, have CT100 cable as a minimum, which is not the copper foil aluminium foil type aerial cable. It is copper foil copper screen ( as per CAI and Digital UK guidelines)

You need to make sure that the advice you are getting is good, knowledgeable and honest, so you can watch uninterrupted and great digital television.

Freeview + Boxes

Freeview + is like Sky + if you have seen it. The Freeview + box has an extra hard drive built in to allow you to be able to record, pause and continue watching the programs. It is a great idea and a natural progression for Freeview channels.

Aerial Concepts install TV aerials that are compatible with Freeview channels and can also sort our problems with Freeview reception issues, whether that is for communal aerial systems or domestic aerials

Freeview Installations

There really isn’t any difference between a Freeview aerial installation and an aerial installation for digital. As described elsewhere on this site, there really is no such thing as a digital aerial. There is only compatibility with digital or Freeview. It is just that some ‘Freeview Installation Companies’ try and blind people with what can best be described as ‘untruths’. Now you know the truth!

Freeview aerial prices and costs

Freeview aerials are priced the same as digital or TV aerials. They are the same thing. Please take a look at our pricing and costings page for Aerials for more information.

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