Cost/Price to Install Satellite Systems

Satellite Installation costs vary according to what type of satellite you would like installed. For example a Sky installation required a much smaller dish ( 45cm in the South) than say a Hotbird Satellite installation which averages to a 70cm dish size. As such costs obviously vary.

There are a whole host of niche satellite channels up in the Sky, with different equipment required often for each type of install.

Aerial Concepts – accredited Sky ASA’s

Being a sky ASA (dealer) is a hard to come by accreditation. This ASA status means that Aerial Concepts can order Sky cards and boxes on your behalf with fantastic deals available.

Why Satellite Installation Costs Vary

Professional, high quality installations are installed by accredited engineers, using benchmarked materials, as neatly as possible. That alone means the difference between installing 4-5 satellite dishes a day and 12 dishes a day. There are many  satellite companies out there that do install 12 dishes or more a day. Some of them are major companies. Aerial Concepts fall into the category of less installations, installed to a higher and much neater specification.

Aside from the different satellites available, there are often lots of different ways of installing satellite dishes. Aerial Concepts like to try and hide any dish as best as possible, making for a much neater installation than maybe would be the norm from some major satellite installation companies. A different bracket, or pole, or both may mean that you can have your dish hidden rather than on the front of your home. For most of us, spending a little more on a new bracket and/or pole to keep your home looking nice is worth it! This obviously affects the cost of any satellite installation, because of the equipment required and maybe that it will take more time.

Neater installations will invariably take more time. Because of this, they more cost a little bit more, but it really is worth the extra effort we believe. This is why it is often best to have a look at your own unique set up and give you the best options, let you know what the different prices are and let you decide what is best.

Satellite Installation Costs

The prices quoted are always from prices. These prices assume you have your own Satellite receiver. We encourage you to ask Aerial Concepts for a free quotation to get an exact price for your installation.

Sky Dish Installations with 2 cable from dish from 159 + vat
Customer’s own Sky Installation from 120 + vat
Hotbird Satellite Installations from 140 + vat

New Sky Installation Costs

New Sky Installation costs vary according to what Sky are offering at the time of asking. There are often different special offers on at any 1 time

Aerial Concepts guarantee

Aerial Concepts guarantee that you will be 100% happy with your installation. If you are not for any reason, let us know and you will receive a full refund.

With Aerial Concepts there is no risk. Aerial Concepts are CAI accredited and have a known long term proven track record.

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