Satellite Extra Extension Points & Cables Costs

Overview Of Extra Satellite Points

Sky Satellite  Remote extension point eyeFor extra viewing choice, a lot of people nowadays are having extra satellite cables fitted into another room. Particularly Sky extra points are fantastic as they allow your extra satellite point to be remotely turned over from another room, with only a special infra red link and without the need for any extra expensive electronics.

What an extra Sky link or satellite point allows you to do:

An extra Sky link into another room allows you to be able to watch any normally television aerial channel ( if the main TV has a TV aerial), as well as the satellite channel being watched on the main  TV. This is genuinely a really good invention by Sky as before Sky came along, these remote eyes we much more expensive and nowhere near as reliable as the current system.

Essentially, what you need to do is run a high quality copper foil copper screen coaxial cable from the Sky satellite receiver to whichever room you want to acquire new reception. You plug this new cable into the TV where you want and tune the TV in. Thereafter it is a matter of setting up the Sky Box to be able to ‘send’ infra red signals to the new remote eye. Thereafter, you will be able to watch Sky in this room and be able to change over channels from that room.

More extra satellite points

If you want more than extra satellite point, then you will need to have a small amplifier fitted that can pass infra red signals for the remote eyes. These amplifiers do not cost much and again work really well/

Satellite Extra Extension Costs

Aerial Concepts only ever use CAI benchmarked materials that are proven for reliability and robust performance. The cable used particularly is important. Webro or Volex are a great example of time proven CAI benchmarked equipment, that is tested to perform under varying conditions. All of our prices are from prices, as we will not know how easy or challenging the cable runs may be. For example it may simply be a matte of running a cable straight out and up above to a bedroom where the extra satellite points needs to go only on the outside wall. Easy! It could also be teh case that the cable needs to go up and over the roof and take a more challenging route, to ensure that the cable is installed as neatly as possible for you. Obviously this is always discussed before and agreed before any works are undertaken.

Extra Sky Link with remote capability From 78 + vat
2 extra Sky links please ask
3+ extra Sky links please ask


The reason we advise you to ask, and, probably for us to look, is because you will almost definitely require some form of IR amplifier.

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