Aerial Extension Points

If you already have an aerial installed and want another aerial socket in another room, then you will need another aerial socket or aerial point installed. Often if we have children and they grow up, nowadays they expect TV in their bedroom! For aerial reception of satellite reception, luckily you can often split or extend the aerial signal and will not need a new aerial.

Aerial  Extra Points Overview

If the aerial signal is strong enough, they can be split to add more extensions or points. For this you will need an aerial splitter box. These splitters are not eth normal type electrical cable junctions, or, just cutting and joining with tape. These splitters are normally low loss ferrite splitter units, which are ideal for both analogue and digital reception and most importantly, the signal you lose through splitting the cable is the same on each port.

This is very important to ensure a nice ‘clean’ signal to each point for digital especially.

Cable quality

The other very important consideration is to ensure that the cable being used is a CAI benchmarked name and accredited as such. This definitely does make a difference, again,  because the cable will pAerial extra cable pointerform exactly as it should do, without loss of quality.CAI benchmarked cable is copper foil copper screen cable. A lot of the inferior and cheaper cable is aluminium foil and copper screen. You would not be able to tell the difference from the outside without knowing what you are looking for.

Makes like Webro and Volex are a great example of CAI benchmarked cables that have stood the test of time. This is the only type of cable Aerial Concepts use.

Costs of Aerial Extra Extension Points

Aerial Concepts offer a reduced rate the more extra points you require. This is because we are already on site and our own costs are less. All prices are from prices. The reason these prices are ‘from’ prices, is because we need to ascertain how long the extra points are, how easy they will be to install and what type of splitters are likely to be needed to give you the best possible reception on all points.

As always, Aerial Concepts offer free no obligation quotations to let you know exactly what the price is likely to be, giving you peace of mind also that you are getting the job done properly 1st time, from a proven and accredited aerial company.

1st Extra Point From 45 + vat + Parts ( likely to be around 25 + vat ish)
2nd point From 45 + vat – parts included
3rd and more points From 45 + vat – parts included


It is worth noting that with better quality equipment, you may well not need an aerial amplifier. This will save you quite a lot of money and make for a far superior installation.

Aerial Concepts Guarantee

Aerial Concepts guarantee that you will be 100% happy with your new aerial extension point. If you are not, we will give you a full refund.

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Trade Accreditations

You can rest in the knowledge that Aerial Concepts are CAI members at the height level, are Check-a -Trade members and get a huge amount of recommendation work from people like you. We have a proven track record