Maintenance of aerial and satellite systems

We all know the value of fixing a little problem, before it becomes a big and expensive one!

maitenance Lots of blocks of flats and hotels choose to have their aerial and satellite systems maintained on an annual basis.

The benefits are:

  • guaranteed maintenance on a regular basis negating likelihood of faults in the future
  • plannable costs on full maintenance systems, potentially saving you money and helping with budget analysis
  • happier tenants in that tenants are getting uninterrupted hassle free viewing
  • happier landlords, managing agents and rental agents with less stress!
  • guaranteed compliance with health and safety obligations for systems and earth bonding

Aerial Concepts will happily give a report outlining areas for improvement or concern, where anything may need to be redressed and what sort of timescale for works if required.

Systems should be maintained in the following types of buildings.

  • blocks of flats
  • hotels
  • city information type services
  • large office blocks
  • large housing estates where the responsibility is not with the tenants

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