Hotel Communal Aerial And Satellite Systems

A big reason for  having extra channels available in  hotels is guests nowadays expect to be able to have more choice. Not just what we would expect at home, but also maybe foreign satellite channels too!

Hotel The obvious advantages are a potentially happier guest, potentially slightly higher rates able to be charged, or a guest when faced with a choice of staying in the room and watching what they choose.. and not.. there is a slight possibility this may influence their decision as to where to stay.

Also as a hotel, if you are trying to achieve a higher 'star rating', you will need to have more choice anyway as part of the many criteria.

Commercial or communal aerial and satellite systems for hotels are normally designed completely differently to say a communal installation for a block of flats.

Whereas as for a block of flats, the end user needs to be able to transparently use all the services they choose, and pay a small subscription if they choose, for hotels this is not viable.

Most Hotel systems are SMATV systems.

The big reason is cost. If (and it is very unlikely you would in case of damage etc) you decided to have one satellite receiver for sky in each room, then you would pay a subscription per room. Not just the £40 odd pounds a month, but commercial rates, which are hugely more expensive.

Another way systems are installed are via structured cabling systems, otherwise known as CAT5 or CAT6 installations.

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How are systems installed for hotels?

headend The main way hotel systems are installed for digital, hotel radio or satellite, is through a pre existing TV aerial network.

This means that the aerial system is in place (or is planned to be) and you nominate what satellite channels, radio channels or even CCTV channels that you wish to feed through the system. The obvious advantage to doing the system this way medium and long term is that you pay far less for subscriptions (if you choose to have Sky in the hotel). You can pick a load of European or Arabic channels that are free and pump them through the system, without cost.

The savings really are huge this way, subscription wise. The slight disadvantage is that the initial hardware costs are higher, as you need a commercial grade type receiver and modulator for every channel you require. However, if in the future you decide you wish a different channel to be pumped through the system, ordinarily it is very easy to do this.

How will this affect your existing guests?

The good thing about installing a new head end, is that is all takes part on the roof and wherever the head end of the system is located. No getting in the way of guests and no  need to keep disturbing your guests either. The only time access to a room would be needed, would be when the TV needs to be tuned in the room to the new channel. A lot of the time, once the system is proven to work effectively across the board, hoteliers choose to have their own maintenance people tune the TV's themselves.  They know best when to access rooms, they can do it when passing and it is a lot cheaper!

How can i find out more?

Hotel TV Aerial Concepts can help with design planning and installation of hotel type aerial and satellite systems and are accredited with the highest achievable membership with the CAI (the confederation of aerial industries) for communal/commercial systems for your peace of mind.

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