Fibre IRS measurement

Fibre Optic FIRS – an introduction

FIRS or fibre optic integrated reception systems are definitely upon us.

Fibre run IRS systems can offer some very big advantages over copper run aerial and satellite IRS systems.

Advantages of Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre optic cables can carry masses of data with very little signal loss compared to copper run cables. Fibre optic cables are also far smaller in size as well. When running a 5 wire copper IRS, you need a heavy duty 5 core cable to each main multiswitch (splitter). Fibre optic cables need only 1 cable!

For 9 and 13 wire IRS where you have the full TV/Radio and Sky +, Hotbird and Astra satellites, often needed for blocks where a proportion of the residents do not have English as their first language, these systems come into their own adn can often be cheaper.

Fibre Optic Cables can be run over huge distances with next to zero loss. This is especially an advantage where there is a master aerial and satellite feeding a whole housing estate.

Fibre Optic FIRS installations

Aerial Concepts have installed Fibre FIRS systems for various landlords, with great effect.

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