Communal aerial and Satellite pictures

Here are a few pictures of communal aerial and satellite systems to hopefully give you an idea of what is involved, and, that these installations can be very neat and unobtrusive.

This page will be updated constantly through time so please do pop back and take a look whenever you feel like it.

A 9 wire backbone IRS system in progress,

9 Wire IRS System Backbone This system allows for reception from 2 different satellites at the same time.

This is a great system if you have people from different nationalities living within the same block as it means you do not need lots of dishes.

This system allows for all of the Sky channels, Arabic and European channels, Digital and analogue TV,FM radio and DAB reception.

For neatness this system has been installed in a main central riser cupboard, which has great access, should maintenance be required and and is  lockable for security.Spectrum Analyser

A lot of local authorities and social housing blocks have 9 wire systems as standard.


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