Aerial and satellite system installations over a CAT5 structured cabling network

CAT5e networks are becoming increasingly popular within medium to large companies that require flexibility to be able to have multiple functions over large networks.

aerial & satellite cat 5 cables There are numerous reasons for this. One big advantage is the ability for longer cable runs via a CAT5 system. UHF (TV aerial) or IF (satellite) signals 'attenuate' or weaken off with long cable runs. This is a particularly challenging problem with the higher frequencies in the satellite bands. The upper end of the band attenuates drastically more over long cable runs than the lower bands.

Quite simply, this can make the difference between being able to watch a program... or not.

cat5 for aerial and satellite Specifically, high definition satellite systems require different solutions, to enable the high definition signals to come through.

Many structured cabling companies are good at the structured cabling side and not at the aerial or satellite side of things, as this is a completely different domain for them.

It is vital to get the correct information to be able to integrate the various systems seamlessly.

Aerial Concepts can design, supply and install aerial and satellite systems over CAT5 to your specific requirements, giving you the required solutions.

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