Communal Satellite and Aerial Installations

Aerial Concepts are a specialist commercial & Communal Aerial and Communal Satellite and IRS System installation company, with IRS trained aerial and satellite engineers, that have been trained by the CAI, the confederation of aerial industries. Aerial Concepts are a ‘safecontractor’ approved and are vetted and audited for health and safety.

Types Communal Aerial or Satellite System?

There are a few main types of communal systems for aerial and satellite reception.

  • IRS     Integrated Receiving systems, the most used communal system for blocks of flats big housing estates, where only one main dish and aerial is required for the whole estate
  • DTT    DTT (digital terrrestrial TV). DTT is for digital TV aerial signal only.I.e. no satellite.  This type of system is teh minimum requirement for blocks of flats or hotels, so as to be able to receive digital TV in 2012.
  • SMATV     Satellite Master Antenna TV systems. These type of systems are mainly used on hotel types systems. SMATV systems basically have one commercial grade receiver per satellite channel, put through an aerial system. This allows for each TV to be able to pick up the nominated satellite channels, without the need for a satellite receiver box for each room.
  • Fibre optic systems   Fibre optic (FIRS) systems technology has changed and become cheaper. Fibre run systems can do everything an IRS system can do. These are great where long or extra long or large systems are involved.
  • Installations, maintenance, rentals

The systems above are the main types of systems in use today for communal aerial and satellite systems.

All of these systems can be reasonably small systems to very major systems that can incorporate fibre optic cables, sometimes even feeding whole housing estates.

The design and architecture of each system obviously varies according to each individual requirement . Some bigger communal aerial and satellite systems may even require fibre optic cables if the cable routes are very long, so as not to cause degradation of picture quality. Fibre Optic cables can carry signals for miles and miles, with exceptionally little loss!

Commercial Aerial & Satellite Systems

Commercial Aerial systems are mainly classed as business to business, sometimes as systems for Offices also. These systems can be for basic aerials to aerials carrying data for trading floors in the City of London.

Communal & Commercial System Design

Aerial Concepts can design, supply and install commercial & communal aerial and satellite systems according to your requirements and specification, installed to CAI communal standards.

Aerial Concepts can also tailor our services financially to your circumstances. We currently offer also a rental option also.

Communal & Commercial Trained Engineers

Aerial Concepts engineers are trained for communal systems. Communal installations require a different skill set to domestic aerial installations. Little things like the way the cables are run is often different, the method of installation is often completely different and definitely requires engineers that have experience in communal system project management.

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You can rest in the knowledge that Aerial Concepts are CAI members at the height level, are Check-a -Trade members and get a huge amount of recommendation work from people like you. We have a proven track record