CCTV Cameras.

Samsung Technology is a firm favourite for CCTV Concepts, state of the art technology engineered to meet and satisfy the various customer needs.


High Resolution fully functional Pan-Tilt and Zoom Cameras provide endless 360 degree coverage. Internal and external options are available.


Internal colour fixed colour dome cameras will compliment any application. The 3-axis design makes this camera installable on walls, ceilings and inclined surfaces. IR-LED options are available providing sharp high resolution images for low-light conditions.


The external infra-red high resolution day and night camera offers Elegance.

This popular camera provides sharp images to the darkest of applications.


The traditional box camera housed in a robust anti-vandal housing comes in various options; colour mono or zoom capabilities capture optimal images both day and night.

Digital Recorders.

Quality Digital recording is paramount to any security system, image size and quality is the key to producing evidence acceptable to the authorities. Standalone digital recorders facilitate systems from 4 to 16 cameras fully compliant with the Data Protection. Networkable options are available allowing remote viewing to authorised users.



Monitors are available in LCD or TFT from 14inch. Viewing the images in high resolution is a vital part to the process, wall or desk mounted options available.


CCTV Concepts offer quality and cutting edge technology, we are committed to providing you with the very best solution for your individual specification. CCTV Concepts will not compromise your security by offering inadequate equipment. Samsung solutions are one of the many manufacturers we work with, Panasonic, Sanyo, and many more tailored to your site specifics.

Experienced technical staff are available to guide you through the process, surveys and demonstrations are available to meet with your every brief.

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