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Aerial Concepts are an established company covering the West London and area. Different areas present different challenges for TV & Radio Aerial reception, and our experienced engineers have the local knowledge to help you get the best reception.

As well as providing TV Aerial installation we also cater for the installation of Sky TV (Sky HD and Sky Plus), FM/DAB Aerials, Freeview, freesat and European Satellite systems.

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Maida Vale and Bayswater Aerial Installations W2 & W9

Maida Vale and Bayswater in London are situated on the North side of Hyde park. Both Bayswater and Maida Vale have some quite challenging issues for reception for analogue and digital tv aerial signals. The primary reasons for having poor reception in these areas is mainly due to taller buildings inline with the aerial transmitter and in some cases trees (Hyde Park).

Not all of Bayswater and Maida Vale area is difficult to get a good reception, so it is definitely not all doom and gloom.

Maida Vale and Bayswater aerial solutions

I you look around on lots of roads in these areas, for example Formosa Street or Randolph Crescent in W9, or Inverness Terrace or Lancaster Gate in W2, these all have problems with reception for various reasons.

If you do have issues with reception, the first thing to do is to go outside and take a look at what type of aerials are being used by your neighbours. If they look like they are tall (the above roads often are) and you have a short mast, tehn you know that maybe, and only maybe, this could be a resolution for you.

Then with this knowledge, you are more empowered to discuss your requirements and to ask the right questions. If you need to, take the next step, which is:

Get a Local Aerial Company that know Bayswater and Maida Vale to look

In aerial terms, especially for digital, local knowledge is invaluable, Local London aerial knowledge, especially local knowledge to your particular area may make a big difference. So seek a company that genuinely have local knowledge, like Aerial Concepts do.

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