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A lot of the challenges for TV aerials in south east London revolve around buildings.


The main TV aerial transmitter, Crystal Palace, which transmits both analogue and digital is quite close by so there is not normally a problem with TV aerial signal strength for analogue or digital.

If there are any issues with the aerial signal, it is normally with ghosting on the TV for analogue reception and pixilation (picture break up). Occasionally the aerial signal can also be pre-imaging. This is caused by the signal 'beating' in to the cable before the aerial signal comes down from the aerial.

Dulwich SE21 can have spots of poor reception due to trees and dips as can SE22 and Forest Hill SE23.

Waterloo SE1 in South London and surrounding South London areas have tall buildings sometimes obstructing the digital TV and analogue TV aerial signals

All of these issues have solutions.

Sometimes you will need an outdoor aerial for the first time, others times you may need to raise the tv aerial if you are having aerial reception issues. Nothing is normally beyond being able to be done.

Postcodes covered

Aerial Concepts cover the following South London Postcodes

London SE1, London SE2, London SE3, London SE4, London SE5, London SE6, London SE7, London SE8, London SE9, London SE10, London SE11, London SE12, London SE13, London SE14, London SE15, London SE16, London SE17, London SE18, London SE19, London SE20, London SE21, London SE22, London SE23, London SE24, London SE25, London SE26, London SE27, London SE28.

The Key always is to have local knowledge and to be able to get free advice and quotations from a recommended aerial company like Aerial Concepts.

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